Regional Area Meetings

Detroit Lakes, Paynesville, Marshall
March 23, 2021
March 25, 2021
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Jason Yordy with Turkey Trac presents during the three day lunch n' learn event series.

Technology in the Turkey Industry

MTGA hosted three regional area meeting lunch n' learn events for members around the state in Detroit Lakes, Paynesville and Marshall March 23-25, 2021. 21 members attended at Detroit Lakes, 27 members at Paynesville and the Marshall location hosted 23 members.

Kicking off the Lunch and Learn event was fifth generation turkey farmer, Jason Yordy, of Turkey Trac. Yordy’s data-tracking system was born out of wanting to better understand if his flocks were hitting performance marks and to also identify when a problem is present sooner. As Yordy described it, Turkey Trac packs all of the generational turkey knowledge into data that can actually be used for improving flock outcomes.

MTGA Executive Director Sarah Anderson gives a brief welcome and association update.

Our second panelist was Joel Sotomayor of Transport Genie. Though Sotomayor is new to poultry, he has grasped an important component of turkey production – transportation of the product from the farm to the food facility. Transport Genie records climate conditions during transport to improve the transportation experience and help maintain the quality of the product.  

Our third and final innovator was Dr. Yiannis Kaznessis. Dr. Kaznessis was a University of Minnesota professor of Chemical Engineering. He left the University to begin the start-up General Probiotics. Now his work involves modifying microbes in feed or water to detect and defend against pathogens. Dr. Kaznessis’ work also addresses lowering the incidence of resistance emergence. He currently has prototypes against Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Clostridia. The goal is to bring products to market within three years.