Poultry Health Management School

About the School

The hands-on labs are led by poultry industry and academia experts.

The Poultry Health Management School (PHMS) educates farmers and avian health professionals on the latest research discoveries and innovations in the poultry industry to improve flock health and performance.

Curriculum for the school is designed by the PHMS Board of Directors. The board is made up of research scientists specializing in poultry from universities across the country. Together with industry experts, they provide the best in training for those interested in the latest poultry management practices.

Who Attends the School

A majority of the PHMS attendees are farm owners, production managers and avian health professionals. PHMS provides a continuing education opportunity for increasing technical skills and knowledge. The goal of instructors is to help you incorporate what you learn at the school into your work.

To attend or become a sponsor of the school, click the Poultry Health Management School link here: PoultryHealthSchool.com

Classroom learning is combined with hands-on lab work to provide a well-rounded poultry education experience. Two classes are offered: Layers & Turkeys / Broilers. Pictured above is Brian Heymer, Redbridge Farm.

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Poultry Health School (PHMS)

Interested in hands-on learning about the poultry industry? The Poultry Health Management School offers lab & classroom learning opportunities for poultry professionals across the country.

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