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1-304-793-2680, ext 247

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Aviagen Turkeys is the premier primary breeding company developing pedigree lines for the global turkey industry. The company develops and markets B.U.T. and Nicholas turkeys around the world. Aviagen Turkeys is part of the Aviagen Group, the leading poultry breeding company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. Aviagen develops breeds of chickens and turkeys through a pedigree selection process.

Full Job Description:

Aviagen Turkeys, Inc in Lewisburg, WV is seeking an outstanding individual to join our team as a Hatchery Operations Manager. This position is full-time, exempt, with full benefits and reports to the Operations Manager. This person will lead a staff of 25-30 persons to ensure the completion of all activities and functions within the Grandparent Hatchery according to standard operating procedures and best management practices, and provide oversight to the Pedigree Hatchery.


1. Manage all aspects of GP Hatchery operations a. Maintain, train employees and reinforce company standards for Biosecurity, Animal Welfare, Safety and ATI Personnel Policies related to Accident Reporting, Discipline, Sexual Harassment, Payroll, Paid Time Off, Absenteeism, and Performance Appraisals. b. Ensure proper setting of eggs according to customer requirements for domestic and international poult shipments. c. Prepare hatch predictions. d. Manage all activities related to hatching of eggs e. Liaise with Logistics on all egg room activities. Provide personnel support to ensure orders are processed correctly and on time. f. Effectively plan and manage the inventory of all supplies, equipment, and materials required for operation of the hatchery. g. Coordinate services with contract sexors. h. Report hatch information in a timely fashion. i. Oversee and implement proper servicing of poults. j. Coordinate movement of poults and eggs from Pedigree to GP Hatchery as/when required. k. Oversee microbiologic testing of hatch residues and other environments as required. l. Fulfill the role of Facility Coordinator for Certified Cargo Screening Program m. Maintain all aspects of the GP Hatchery physical plant, including but not limited to incubators, hatchers, electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems, storage areas (internal and external). n. Other duties as assigned according to the needs of the company. 2. Oversee activities of Pedigree Hatchery a. Ensure the Pedigree Hatchery Assistant manager maintains, trains employees and reinforces company standards for Biosecurity, Animal Welfare, Safety and ATI Personnel Policies at the Pedigree Hatchery. b. Ensure correct reporting of pedigree fertility and hatch information in a timely fashion. c. Observe necessary biosecurity when moving between hatcheries. 3. Participate actively in weekly Leadership and Logistics meetings to ensure correct planning and product distribution on a customer-by-customer basis. 4. Prepare annual salary, capital and operating budgets for GP Hatchery. 5. Prepare monthly performance summaries and production reports. 6. Actively participate on company Safety Committee.

Experience Needed / Suggested:

• B.S. in Poultry Science or Agriculture; or 5+ years of experience • Good communication (Written/Verbal) skills; organized, goal oriented, and accountable • Good leadership skills; strong interpersonal skills while being goal observant and team oriented • Must be competent in the Microsoft Office suite of products • Agile, able to lift over 50lbs. Also, must be able to work in various climate conditions • Must be able to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays as needed • Ability to multi task and work with a fast-paced environment while maintaining accuracy and efficiency • Bilingual a plus


How to Apply:

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN APPLYING FOR THIS POSITION PLEASE CONTACT: Christi Boothe Phone: 1-304-793-2680, ext 247 or email: cboothe@aviagen.com