MTRPC Research Projects

Development of a serologic assay and novel vaccine approach to mitigate turkey arthritis reovirus

The main objectives are to improve the diagnostics capability and the vaccination strategy to limit the economic losses induced by turkey arthritis reovirus.

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A “One-Two Punch Approach” Combining Autochthonous Bacteriophage Therapy and Vaccination to Control Salmonella in Turkey Production

To develop integrator-friendly, farm-derived bacteriophage cocktails, and vaccination in combination against Salmonella serovars in turkey production.

Using genomics plus simple laboratory screens to establish a framework for identifying and responding to the changing landscape of Salmonella in turkey production

The goal of this project is to improve genomic tools available to commercial turkey production for Salmonella surveillance.

Exploring methods to monitor and manage risk of Salmonella introduction into a turkey population

Evaluate methods for monitoring sanitation and biosecurity standards in place at turkey breeder & grow-out farms to manage risk of Salmonella introduction.

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