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Minnesota Turkey Growers Association enhances the success of the turkey industry through member engagement, strong advocacy with legislators and public outreach. It is comprised of turkey farmers and industry stakeholders. Members receive the latest in industry trends, news, education, networking and development opportunities, among other benefits. Join our organization today!

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Minnesota is the number one producer of turkeys in the nation and is home to 600 turkey farms around the state. We provide Minnesota with over $1 billion in economic activity and more than 26,000 jobs. Turkey farm families are passionate about raising locally-grown, wholesome and nutritious turkey for their families and yours. Whether you grew up raising turkeys, work in the agriculture sector, or are new to agriculture, we welcome you to learn more about the industry and the career opportunities it presents. Become a member today!


We are the unified voice of the Minnesota turkey industry at the local and state levels.


MTGA provides member education opportunities, best practices and leadership training.


MTGA supports poultry training and youth programs like FFA & 4-H to emphasize career opportunities in the turkey industry.

Board of Directors

Minnesota Turkey Growers Association is comprised of a 10-person Board of Directors. Meet the people who lead the MTGA.


Testimonials From Our Members

Jes Westbrock, Rothfork Associates
MTGA membership is important to our business because the association is an ally for us in the industry. I know that if there is an issue, I can call the MTGA office and they will do the leg work, and get what we need done for the best interest of all Minnesota Turkey Growers. I think having membership in the state association is an integral part of being a good steward of the turkey industry.
Ashley Klaphake, Meadowlark Turkeys LLC
MTGA membership is important for creating connections with other growers and vendors. Having relationships like this can positively impact our business in a big way. Secondly, the education piece of MTRPC creates a connection from the farmer to consumer. As people become more disconnected from the farm, MTGA  &  MTRPC give growers a chance to show the public what turkey farming is all about.
John Zimmerman, P&J Products Co.
MTGA membership is a great value to me because it not only provides a way to network and learn from other growers but also serves as our voice in St. Paul in an increasingly regulated world. There aren't many turkey farmers out there anymore so we need to be able to have a way to connect and share best management practices so we all can better our operations. MTGA  fills that need.

How MTGA Can Help You!

Fill in the blank for your farm: “If only I had the time to _____.”

Do you wish you could talk with other turkey farmers about farming strategies?

Do you wish you had help finding work talent or equipment for your farm?

Do you wish politicians understood how their policies impact your operation?

The Minnesota Turkey Growers Association can help you do the things you just don't have time to do. We are the checkmark on your To Do List.

We create opportunities for turkey farmers and supporters to interact with each other and grow their farms and businesses. We advocate for our industry and promote our safe and nutritious product. We work on the state and federal level to make sure you have the freedom to operate every single day.

With MTGA, you have a voice and the help you need to be successful. As a unified voice representing turkey farmers and industry stakeholders, we use our strength in numbers to get things done in advancing the turkey industry. Become a member of the family and turn your wishes into reality.

Membership Types & Features

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Allied Membership Categories: Allied membership is open to a company or business that is interested in the welfare of the turkey industry. Allied members are entitled to all MTGA privileges, except the right to vote.
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Government/ University
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Allied Basic
Allied Silver
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Allied Platinum
Gobbles Publication (6 issues / Year)
Capitol Reports Email Update
WingTips Weekly Email Newsletter & Members Can Sponsor Issues
Educational & Networking Events
Representation by Full-Time Lobbyist & State Capitol
Representation on the Federal Level Through the National Turkey Federation
Voting Member of MTGA
Listing / Ad in Allied Showcase Issue of Gobbles (Members get discount rate)
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1/4 Page Ad
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