Jes Westbrock

Sunflower Farms
PO Box 201, 224 Turkey Lane SE


Representing: Region 1

Jessica Westbrock was raised in the turkey industry all her life. She worked alongside, and at the helm of, her family’s turkey farms and feed mill until 2023 when she and her husband, Andrew Westbrock, purchased 3 farms near Spicer, Minnesota—and thus, Sunflower Farms bloomed! 

In its first year of operation, SFF will produce twelve million pounds of turkey. Jes is eager to apply her 10+ years of industry and managerial expertise to expansion and development.

Jes continues to serve on the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association Board of Directors and has since 2018. Issues of importance to Jes include biosecurity, animal welfare, employee recognition and retention, and consumer education.

Jes is passionate about everything she does and her engagement in her community is no different. She volunteers with the Melrose FFA Chapter and is a coach for the Holdingford Girl’s Swim Team. Jes also presents on the turkey industry through the Speak for Yourself Program and other various organizations.