Glen Jaenicke Honored with 2024 Ranelius Award by Minnesota Turkey Growers Association

Glen Jaenicke (center) receives the 2024 MTGA Ranelius award from MTPRC President Loren Brey (right). Award was presented by MTGA Executive Director Ashley Kohls (left).

Alexandria, MN – The Minnesota Turkey Growers Association(MTGA) proudly announces Glen Jaenicke as the recipient of the 2024 Ranelius Award, the most prestigious honor bestowed by the association. This award, given in the spirit of Sven Ranelius for his lifelong dedication to Minnesota’s turkey industry, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry over an extended period, demonstrating both the impact and quality of their work.


During the awards luncheon at the 2024 MTGA Summer Summit, MTGA Executive Director Ashley Kohls honored Glen Jaenicke with a heartfelt tribute, acknowledging his remarkable journey in the turkey industry. “This year’s recipient’s journey in the turkey industry is a remarkable story of dedication, innovation, and leadership,” said Kohls. “Beginning at the age of13, Glen was immersed in the world of turkey farming alongside his family. This early love of the turkey industry shaped his future, instilling a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the industry, eventually leading to a career spanning five decades!”


As the first President of Northern Pride, Inc., Jaenicke played a pivotal role in negotiating the purchase of the turkey processing plant in Thief River Falls from Land O’Lakes, Inc. His leadership in building the first management team laid the foundation for Northern Pride's success, which has continued for 35 years. Jaenicke’s efforts secured crucial funding and support, establishing Northern Pride as a cornerstone of the turkey processing industry for 30 growers.


One of Jaenicke's notable achievements with the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association was his successful advocacy for legislation that allows turkey growers to trap and release owls, a significant step in protecting the industry from wildlife threats. This bill was passed in 1995,demonstrating his dedication to addressing the challenges faced by turkey growers.


His unwavering support for the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association throughout his career further solidifies his impact on the industry. Jaenicke’s legacy extends to his family, with his daughter Sharlene and grandson Wyatt continuing the tradition of turkey farming.


“Today, we celebrate a man whose lifetime of dedication, innovation, and leadership has left a mark on the turkey industry that future generations will see,” Kohls stated. “It’s with great pleasure and admiration that we congratulate Glen Jaenicke as the recipient of the 2024 MTGA Ranelius Award.”


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Glen Jaenick and his wife Marlys (center) with their family at the 2024 MTGA Summer Summit Awards Luncheon. Family members include (back row, left to right) Nick Wittenburg, Larry Hosaluk, Jon Hosaluk, Sherry Hosaluk, Autumn Foust with Lilly Foust in her arms, Sharlene Wittenburg, CarlWittenburg, Wyatt Wittenburg, and Amy Jost.