A “One-Two Punch Approach” Combining Autochthonous Bacteriophage Therapy and Vaccination to Control Salmonella in Turkey Production

2020 Research Project by Dr. Anup Johny, UMN

Researcher: Dr. Anup Kollanoor Johny (Interventional Microbiologist), University of Minnesota
Co-Investigator: Dr. Sally Noll (Turkey Nutrition and Management), University of Minnesota
Postdoctoral Researcher:
Dr. Luna Akhtar (Phage biologist, Johny lab)
Industry Partners: Dr. Petri Papinaho (Jennie-O), Dr. Michelle Kromm (Jennie-O)
MTRPC funding amount: $66,000

Project proposal


The overall goal of this integrated project is to develop integrator-friendly, farm-derived bacteriophage cocktails, and vaccination in combination against Salmonella serovars in turkey production.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Harvest and phenotypically characterize autochthonous lytic phage cocktails against emerging serogroup B Salmonella, S. Reading, S. Schwarzengrund, S. Heidelberg, and S. Agona, from commercial flocks.
  2. Test the efficacy of phage cocktails in combination with vaccination in turkeys challenged with S. Reading.
  3. Dissemination of results to turkey growers.

Expected Deliverables:

  1. Farm-specific lytic bacteriophage cocktails against S. Reading, S. Agona, S.Heidelberg and S. Schwarzengrund
  2. Vaccination and phage combination approach as an anti-Salmonella intervention on farms
  3. Change in the knowledge on Salmonella control strategy for adoption by turkey producers for improving preharvest safety of their products.

Progress Reports

None to date