Poultry Health Certificate Scholarship


MTRPC recognizes the value the PHC program brings to farmers, farm workers, and industry partners. The goal of the scholarship fund is to expand participation in the PHC program and foster career growth in the turkey industry.  

“The certificate program will help employees and managers get that extra boost, encouraging them to stay and grow in their turkey industry career,” said MTRPC Board President Loren Brey. “I would love to see more farm managers and employees take this course.”

The UMN course is designed to be flexible, with most courses offered online. The 12-credit program covers the underlying principles of poultry production and higher-level training in poultry health and disease. Students will also learn about farm finances, business management, and data collection focused on improving farm production and operation.  

“The University of Minnesota Poultry Health Certificate is a program designed specifically for poultry professionals at all career stages,” said Dr. Tim Johnson, UMN Professor. “This scholarship is an excellent opportunity to fully fund the student’s education, building the steppingstones for career advancement and personal growth.”

A bachelor’s degree or prior college experience is not required for the PHC program nor the MTRPC scholarships, but a high school diploma is.  

For more information about the PHC program and a link to the online MTRPC scholarship application, visit poultrytraining.umn.edu.  

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