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MTGA Staffer Pam Debele Participates in "Livestock Real Talk Podcast"

May 14, 2021
Host Ellen Harth interviews MTGA staffer Pam Debele in these four "hot topic areas" of poultry production.

MTRPC Participates in South Central College Career Navigator Program

May 13, 2021
South Central College
MTRPC's Pam Debele gave a virtual turkey career presentation for the high school Career Navigator program through South Central College. Check it out!

High Feed Costs Pressuring Turkey Growers

May 11, 2021
Brownfield Ag News
Turkey growers are struggling to make money with feed costs at multi-year highs. MTGA's director tells Brownfield turkey diets consist of corn and soybeans.

Poultry Health Management School To Go Virtual

April 27, 2021
Purdue News Service
Registration for the virtual PHMS is open for the May 24-25 course. PHMS teaches modern practices in poultry production and how they can be applied on the farm.

Minnesota FFA Poultry Production Winner

April 21, 2021
Minnesota Turkey Research & Promotion Council congratulates Meredith Taylor on winning the MN FFA Poultry Production SAE. This award is sponsored by the MTRPC.

Minnesota Turkey is Hiring!

April 14, 2021
Minnesota Turkey Growers Association is Hiring! Office Manager - Full Time

What Do M&Ms and Minnesota Turkey Growers Association Have in Common? ‍

April 12, 2021
What do M&Ms and Minnesota Turkey Growers Association have in common? Find out by playing our game!

Clean Side, Dirty Side

April 1, 2021
The Furrow
The industry has been researching influenza for decades and has practiced emergency responses with low pathogenic outbreaks time and time again.

'A Variety of Birds' on North Dakota Turkey Farm Serve a Variety of Consumers

March 27, 2021
The Wittenburgs are turkey farmers who raise conventional, organic and antibiotic-free turkeys.